Councillor in Fairview

I am often described as a little fellow with a big heart. My passions include theatre, art, and teaching, and I love to gather people around a big table to share a meal and exchange ideas.

I studied at Bishop’s University and Limerick University in Ireland, where I obtained my Master’s degree in Ritual Chant and Song.

I propose we work together to strengthen economic vitality in Lennoxville and improve coexistence with its student population.

Through our efforts to fi ght climate change and preserve our community’s independence and unique identity, we can develop strong and liveable communities.


Mes priorités pour Fairview

  • Defending our language rights and affi rming the bilingual identity of our community so that we may receive municipal services in both official languages.
  • Fostering economic vitality across our neighbourhood through support for local committees and initiatives such as Explore Lennox.
  • Promoting coexistence between the different communities which make up our vibrant community, for instance by creating a scholarship for projects to diversify commercial, cultural, or health offerings in Lennoxville.

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